Digital Communications
& Design Officer

Alannah Rose

With a First Class degree in Art and Visual Culture, Alannah brings a great blend of award-winning creative thinking with a passion for new technology and media to the team. A born creative with an entrepreneurial streak, Alannah has worked with advertising agencies, publishing houses, music magazines, and A&R, retail, non-profits, and youth travel programs. As a UK native with Mediterranean roots, she has an eye for design and expertise in social media marketing. Alannah spends time obsessively tracking ad click-through rates, A/B testing email campaigns while making sure that websites engage audiences and build viewership.

One of many bizarre fun facts about Alannah – she once had a singing lesson from Ringo Starr, of all people. An avid animal rights advocate, she has been a vegetarian since birth and strives to amplify the voices of those who don’t have one.  You can find her at any number of karaoke spots of a weekend, scribbling jokes in her phone notes app on the M train, or volunteering at her local rabbit shelter. 




+1 631-248-1542


NYC Office Address:

777 United Nations Plaza, #501, Manhattan, New York, NY 10017

Personal Motto:

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Amanda Brown

Environmental Programs Officer




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