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Edudzi Nyomi

Edudzi handles communications for PCI Media’s Wa BiCC program. Before working with PCI Media, he earned a degree in Environmental Science and since been working with WA BiCC for 2 years. He initially came on board to handle WA BiCCs social media but his responsibilities evolved over time to handle program communications in general. Prior to WA BiCC, Edudzi had experience with social media content development and story writing with different organizations and blogs. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with family and friends, or being adventurous with canyon swinging, scuba diving, and cave visits! On days when Edudzi is feeling calm, he likes to read non-fiction, books about American politics, medical science, and technology. He has written close to 100 posts on technology for different blogs and has been featured on tech podcasts. When Edudzi is not writing about tech, he’s writing opinion pieces on the environment. 

A fun fact about Edudzi is that he featured in an environmental docudrama produced by his father when he was 11. The film even won him the IUCN Biodiversity Hotspot Hero in West Africa. Back then, Edudzi had no idea he would be this involved in Environmental Conservation, and two years later, on Children’s Day at his church, he was the “pastor”, and the sermon for the day was “God and the Environment”. At the time, he still had not realized his passion for Environmental Conservation but things just kept falling into place!

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