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Overfishing and absence of regulated replenishment zones have contributed to the declining populations of aquatic species in Belize, a problem which will devastate marine life and threaten the livelihoods of those dependent on these resources.

Punta Fuego, a radio show launched in 2014 with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), with a total of over 60 episodes produced over 3 seasons. The show’s fiery narrative of passion and betrayal follows the adventures of the protagonist, a young fisherman named Ritchie while providing role models and informing audience members about sustainable fishing practices. It is accompanied by a live call-in show, as well as mobilization activities such as community theater, roadshows, and a national ‘Fisher of the Year’ award.

Surveys show that listeners were more likely to possess and share knowledge of sustainable fishing and the benefits of replenishment zones than non-listeners.

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Wildlife Trafficking


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Wildlife trafficking is a billion-dollar business, run by international crime rings. It is a major threat to endangered species.

#WildForLife, a UN Environment Program campaign, designed by PCI Media, makes wildlife trafficking personal. Working with UN Goodwill Ambassadors as champions for change, it encourages people to find their kindred species and commit to their protection. Our 9-language campaign utilizes celebrities to encourage everyday people to “go wild for life”. Users take a quiz to find their own kindred species and upload their own image for sharing. To encourage groups and governments to take on the campaign and adapt it to their own needs, we developed a Communication to Combat Wildlife Crime Handbook and Workbook, alongside a microsite and animated video.

The campaign received a Webby People’s Choice Award, an Accolade Award of Excellence Special Mention, and the Hermes Creative Award. It was also named one of Weibo’s Top 10 Advocacy Campaigns in China in 2016. The online engagement has broken all records for a UN Environment campaign.

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Environmental Action


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The Montreal Protocol brought the world together to heal the depleted ozone layer, and its story remains the premier environmental success story of recent times. Widespread recognition of the Protocol was needed to model global cooperation for climate action after its successes.

In celebration of the Protocol’s continued success, PCI Media launched the #OzoneHeroes campaign in partnership with Marvel comics and the UN Environment Program. The campaign follows Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they discover humans are the superheroes who solved the global issue of ozone depletion. Alongside the comic, an online quiz to determine your own superpower, a revamped website, and an #OzoneHeroes Award ceremony all emphasized the point that cooperation and action can save the world.




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