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At the heart of PCI Media’s work are compelling narratives that celebrate the positive and reflect our “Love Not Loss” approach to tackling difficult issues. We are a leader in the field of Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC); the strategic use of communication to promote positive outcomes in health, environment, and social justice. Grounded in social science and communication theory, we employ a systematic, participatory process that utilizes television, radio, video, print, social media, interpersonal channels, and community mobilization to achieve defined objectives at the community, national and regional levels.

Read about the range of our projects, from advocacy campaigns to Education-Entertainment, on our program page here. 

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Take your COVID-19 response from



We know the COVID-19 response needs communication that:   

- Increases public trust   

- Spreads life and cost-saving messages   

- Reduces stigma against vulnerable populations  


From prevention to treatment and containment, PCI Media will combine your technical expertise with our strategy and production experience to influence people to take positive action and create a sense of security.


Let us help you navigate the communication around the COVID-19 crisis with tailored solutions. 


Contact Michelle Lanchart at mlanchart@pcimedia.org.

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