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As pioneers of Entertainment-Education, a powerful tool for Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC), our commitment to partnership and inclusion set us apart. Since our founding in 1985, we’ve worked with communities to amplify local voices, produced media that resonates with impacted populations, and have provided space for the conversations that encourage social change. Secure in our role as storytellers, we are working now in 59 languages and in 67 countries around the globe. The future is full of possibilities.


DAVID POINDEXTER, Founding President

Social Justice & Family Planning Programs Begin

Hum Log (TV Show), India


Tushauriane (TV Show), Kenya


Humraahi (TV Show), India


Kuelewana Ni Kuzungumza (Radio Drama), Kenya


Twende na Wakati (Radio Drama), Tanzania


Tinka Tinka Sukh (Radio Drama), India

Apwe Plezi (Radio Drama), St. Lucia

Osigo Uunake Yakwetu (Radio Drama), Namibia


Zimachitika (Radio Drama), Madagascar


DAVID ANDREWS, 2nd President

Jam Packed (Film), Zimachitka

Zimachitika (Radio Drama), Africa


Velugu Poolu (Radio Drama), India


Ombligos al Sol (Radio Drama), Mexico

Coconut Bay (Radio Drama), Caribbean


Taru (Radio Drama), India

Muthu Muthu Mazhaithuli (Radio Drama), India

The Cost of Cool (Film), US

Dukh Sukh Apnea (Radio Drama), Pakistan


Bai Xing (TV Show), China

Body Love (Radio Drama), US


Huracán de Esperanza (Radio Drama), Guatemala

Ukux Kaj Ukux Ulew (Radio Drama), Guatemala

El Destino de la Esperanza (Radio Drama), Guatemala

La Ruleta I, II, III (Radio Drama), Guatemala

El Despertar de Margarita (Radio Drama), Peru

Ke Ondas Con Tu Vida (Radio Drama), Honduras

Cortando Sueños (Radio Drama), Mexico

Esta Boca es Mi Boca (Radio Drama), Mexico

Y Dios Me Hizo Mujer (Radio Drama), Mexico

Empezando a Vivir (Radio Drama), Peru


El Reciclaje del Amor (Radio Drama), Guatemala

Jach b’al Re Loq’ b’al K’u’x (Radio Drama), Guatemala

K’ulb alib’ Tz’ lxamal (Radio Drama), Guatemala

Montaña de Pasiones (Radio Drama), Nicaragua

Domingo 7 (Radio Drama), Ecuador

Con el Viento A Favor (Radio Drama), Peru

Vamos a la Fija (Radio Drama), Colombia

De 10@19 (Radio Drama), Mexico

Al Otra Lado (Radio Drama), Mexico

Cuando Ella Está Enferma (Radio Drama), Mexico

Entre la Linea del Bien y el Mal (Radio Drama), Mexico

Allá Está el Dinero (Radio Drama), Mexico

El Faro: Luz y Sombra del Amor (Radio Drama), Mexico

Entre Luces y Sombras (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Los Colores de la Vida (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Del Sur Para el Sur (Radio Drama), Bolivia


Reviviendo Con el Cañas (Radio Drama), Colombia

Así Somos (Radio Drama), Ecuador

La Vida en una Gota (Radio Drama), Ecuador

Toque Mágico (Radio Drama), Ecuador

Cultivando Amor (Radio Drama), Nicaragua

El Intruso (Radio Drama), Guatemala

Con Nombre de Mujer (Radio Drama), Bolivia


Agua de Angel (Radio Drama), Honduras

Camino al Paraíso (Radio Drama), Nicaragua

Yajual Banamil (Radio Drama), Mexico

Aquí No Pasa Nada (Radio Drama), Peru

Dah Allawa Bizniz (Radio Drama), Belize

Buscando Amor (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Entre Botas, Asfalto y Rock ‘n’ Roll (Radio Drama), Ecuador


SEAN SOUTHEY, 3rd President

Environment, and Right of Women & Girls Programs Begin

Corazon de Mujer (Radio Drama), Mexico

La Caldera (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Ciudad Espesa: Voces Nuestras (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Vivir Bonito (Radio Drama), Colombia

Pachaimama Waija (Radio Drama), Peru

Aprendiendo a Vivir: Dulces Brisas (Radio Drama), Ecuador


Así No Hay Quien Aguante (Radio Drama), Colombia

Historias de Parche (Radio Drama), Colombia

LadoA (Radio Drama), Colombia

Sonidos de la Tierro Mía (Radio Drama), Colombia

Un Sueño Por Cumplir (Radio Drama), Colombia

Bush Melee (Radio Drama), Caribbean

Cuando el Amor Agarra (Radio Drama), Peru

Páginas de Armor (Radio Drama), Peru

Biribireba (Radio Drama), Ghana

Queen Street (Radio Drama), US

Staying Well in Camberwell (Radio Drama), US

Promesas y Traiciones (Radio Drama), US

Las Noches te da Sorpresas (TV Show), US


Raíces de la Violencia (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Juntadó: Historias del Río (Radio Drama), Colombia

T’ikarinaykipaq Warmi (Radio Drama), Peru

Eat Some – Keep Some (Radio Drama), Liberia

Voces de la Niebla (Radio Drama), Mexico

Mucho Corazón (Radio Drama), Mexico

Sed de Ti (Radio Drama), Peru

Callaloo (Radio Drama), St. Lucia


Ouro Negro (Radio Drama), Mozambique

Takun J (Music Video), Liberia

La Caldera (Radio Drama), Bolivia

Vihra Chiapas (Radio Drama), Mexico


Guardians of the Mist, Mexico


I Survived Ebola, West Africa

Comics Uniting Nations (Comic Book Series), Global


WABiCC, West Africa


Punta Fuego (Radio Drama), Belize

Polio Switch Campaign, Africa


Wild For Life, US

Strong Women, Strong Choices (Radio Drama), Latin America

Ozone Heroes (Comic Book), US

Nature For All, US

One Community, Many Voices (Radio Drama), Eastern Caribbean


Cocina con Causa (TV Show), Peru

Let’s Talk, East & Southern Africa


MEESHA BROWN, 4th President

Team Survive is launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Estamos a Tiempo, Bolivia

Let’s Talk @ Home, East & South Africa Regions




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