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Francília Jonaze Zavane

Francília Jonaze Zavane is a Script Writer at PCI Media Impact. Francília Studied English Language Teaching at the Pedagogical University of Maputo and worked as a lecturer from 2009 to 2013. She works at PCI Media since the beginning of the Ouro Negro project in late 2013.

She began writing radio drama professionally in 2008 with the radio soap opera “Vidas Mascaradas” for Nweti, today a partner of PCI Media in other projects. Years later also wrote the novels “O Poder” and “Uma só Vida, Um só Parceiro “, for Nkaringana Arte Association, as a request from institutions such as FDC and Helvetas.

At this moment is responsible for the creative part, concerning the radio soap opera “Os Intxunáveis”.

In addition to screenwriting, she is an actress and whenever she can, she gives voice to some characters in soap operas written by others or by herself. She also gives her voice for voiceover in documentaries, podcasts, etc, which right now is her biggest hobby.

Francília values the mood around her and makes a point of hearing and telling many jokes while working and teasing her colleagues from time to time. She believes it is possible to enjoy each other, laugh out loud and still have a perfect job at the end of the day. She managed to create this environment in the office where she works, so she was nicknamed Captain.

Her favorite pastime is being with her six-month-old daughter. Keep her rolling, on the bed or on the mat, shouting, laughing, and so on. Seeing her smile is good for her soul.

She is a fan of the Mozambican band “Kakana”. The fusion of Afro and Jazz or rock touches her deep in her heart, but she confesses that sometimes she finds herself listening to The Phantom of the Opera. She saw the movie about 10 years ago and even today listens to the songs with great pleasure.


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