Creative Director

Marco Rodriguez

A creative person, always on the lookout for that unique spin on things, Marco believes that true creativity comes from facing obstacles. After a 6-year career in advertising and production back in “abstract-but-hyperrealistic” Mexico, in 2011 he joined PCI Media to share a creative spark to its life-changing program portfolio, and to feel part of that change.
Marco believes in justice, fairness and the ability for people to change and improve even in the hardest of circumstances. He has over 15 years of experience in the production and creation of media and graphic content.
Marco is also an amazing ramen eater and award-winning movie watcher. When it comes to the arts, he claims he can do it all, except dancing, he says, although his heart may disagree.

Meet the rest of the team!

felix mambuch profile

Felix Mambucho

Theater Coordinator

Jonny Anaya

Program Manager




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