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Robert M. Allen

Bob Allen started his career in the entertainment industry as a musician at the age of 16. Bob began work as an Imagineer in 1976 with Walt Disney Imagineering on several attractions that would become part of EPCOT. He spent the next three years as manager of this production company within the Walt Disney World Marketing division. With the announcement in 1985 of the Disney-MGM Studios project, Bob became the Florida anchor for the production focus of the operation, and in 1987 was promoted to Director of Film and Tape Production, overseeing the operation of the Disney-MGM Studios facilities and production groups. In 1991 he became Vice President of Disney Production Services Inc.

In 2001 he formed Integrity Arts and Technology, Inc. and completed a management buyout of IDEAS from Disney. Today, IDEAS uses the power of purposeful storytelling and “design thinking” to create brands, produce media, transform organizational culture and design and enhance immersive experiences in the location-based entertainment, hospitality and healthcare industries.

Bob’s life focus is on community building. He has served on a number of community service organization boards and industry organizations, and he is an ordained member of the Zen Buddhist Order of Interbeing and is currently teaching in a Central Florida sangha dedicated to global mindfulness practice.

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