“With Our Feet on the Soil” (“Con los pies a la tierra”) is a radio drama that delivers critical sustainable farming education—like not burning crops—through family tensions between the younger and older generations of the Rodríguez family. The family lives in Las Cruces, a small agricultural community in a fictional country in Central America.

Central America faces increased food insecurity due to the impact of the climate crisis. Droughts and hurricanes have caused crops to fail in a region where a majority of people rely on agriculture for food and livelihoods. PCI Media connects farmers to information and resources that improve their yields while protecting the soil through partnership with Catholic Relief Services—who have been actively working on the issue in the region since 2015. So far, the radio drama has reached 4.2 million listeners in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. 70% of surveyed listeners have already reported adopting sustainable practices!

Learn more about “With Our Feet on the Soil” and how existing programs and expertise were leveraged to quickly intervene during COVID-19.