Ouro Negro ao Vivo - Producer Helder Sualeck from PCI Media on Vimeo.

Meet Hélder Sauléque. Hélder is a radio producer for the live call-in show, Ouro Negro ao Vivo (‘Black Gold Live’) program in Mozambique, a country facing exceptionally urgent health threats due to climate change, conflict, food insecurity, and COVID-19. For five years, Hélder has been producing the show and engaging with members of the community, which has helped him learn what it means to be a good parent and father. Through hearing stories from his community, he began to absorb the lessons of the program.

“I became a witness to all the testimonials that guests came to share. And I have been opening my mind and eyes.” - Hélder

Hélder always wanted to be a good father to his children. He just never realized how his presence—helping his kids with their homework and teaching them to be responsible—could make a difference. And, perhaps most importantly, he learned the value of community and how our stories can help each other grow.  

In leaning into his love for his children, Hélder is making positive choices and changing his behavior in ways that will help his children grow into healthy, responsible adults, which will have a lasting impact on his community.   

Hélder’s listeners are learning with him about topics that range from early childhood development to basic health information that saved a listener’s life and the lives of those around her.  

As we all continue to make positive change in the world, let’s take a moment to pause and share our own stories about how being an active participant in our work is making us better people each and every day.  

Ouro Negro is implemented in partnership with UNICEF Mozambique and Radio Mozambique, with messaging supported by WFP Mozambique and the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.

Learn more about the Ouro Negro communications program, and how we pivoted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.