Let’s Talk!” is a 21-country campaign to reduce early and unintended pregnancy (EUP) across Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) in partnership with UNESCO, Save the Children, UNFPA, and SAfAIDS. The campaign uses a multimedia design to spread awareness of the impact of early and unintended pregnancy, early marriage, gender-based violence, lack of access to education, and to encourage discussions among audience groups. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the critical public dialogues that are an integral part of the campaign inaccessible while gender-based violence and teen pregnancy have increased during this time. To foster discussions about these issues at home, PCI Media and our partners launched a six-episode webinar series, Say It Louder. The series ignites conversations around issues related to early and unintended pregnancy from multiple vantage points as moderators, speakers, and youth come together from different countries and contexts across the region, representing a wide range of experiences and realities.