Spotlight Initiative featured in Saint Lucia local news. .
Every single person should be able to live a life free from abuse. At PCI Media, we’re playing our part to end violence against women and girls in the Caribbean. 

Violence against women and girls remains pervasive across the Caribbean, and goes largely underreported due to impunity, stigma and shame. Adolescent girls are particularly at risk of violence. Recent data shows that 24% of teens between 15-19 years old experience intimate partner violence. That’s almost a quarter of girls falling victim to abuse before they even turn 20 years of age.  

Regional media plays a crucial role in generating and reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes and social norms that lead to the abuse of women and create barriers to full social and economic inclusion.   

But, together with UNICEF, we’re working to change the narrative. 

#PlayYourPart is a communications campaign launched out of the global Spotlight Initiative that aims to encourage people across the Caribbean region to play their part in changing entrenched, negative social norms, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to violence against women and girls.  

The program is designed to reach people at the family level, supporting healthy family dynamics and disrupting intergenerational cycles of violence that affect children early in life. #PlayYourPart will launch regionally across the Caribbean, followed by country-level activations.

Share how you #PlayYourPart to end violence against women and girls in your community below or on one of our channels! Learn more about the program.